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The Prestige Film Award is currently accepting entries -- open to all levels of filmmakers, from those looking for professional recognition to those who just want bragging rights!   Get your films seen and noticed.

Prestige Award


Entry Fee: $75 per Category

DOWNLOAD PDF and fill out completely (list all Categories you are entering for each entry). You can pay online using PayPal, or include a check made out to Prestige Film Award. No purchase orders please.

Mail your completed ENTRY FORM to:
    Prestige Film Award
    2107 Harrison Ave.
    Eureka, CA  95501 USA

Number of Categories
List Categories Entered

The Rules

  1. Submissions in other than English must be subtitled or include transcript.
  2. Multiple entries are allowed and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.
  3. The entry fee is $75 per category entered.
  4. Submit on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
  5. Written comments describing entries are invited.
  6. Entries will not be returned.


Categories are judged on total artistic and technical excellence. You may enter multiple categories for each entry, but be sure to indicate the Categories for each entry on the ENTRY FORM (DOWNLOAD PDF)

Film Division

F­3D 3­D
F­AN Animation
F­SD Short Documentary (57­ minutes)
F­FD Feature Documentary (58+ minutes)
F­EX Experimental
F­SF Short Film/Video (57­ minutes)
F­FF Feature Film/Video (58+ minutes)
F­TR Movie Trailer
F­HL Holiday Films
F­SP Special Purpose Films
F­MS Miscellaneous Film/Video

Television Division

T­AC Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
T­FP Children / Family Programming
T­CS Comedy Program / Series
T­CM Commercial / Infomercial
T­DR Drama Program / Series
T­EV Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
T­TS Interview / Talk Show
T­LV Live TV Events
T­MS Miniseries
T­DP Documentary Program / Series
T­NW News / Weather
T­PI Pilot Program / Series
T­PS Public Service Programming/PSA
T­RP Reality Programming
T­SF Sports/Fitness
T­MS Miscellaneous Television

Videography Division

V­AA Action / Adventure
V­CG College / University/Government
V­CA Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
V­CC Corporate / Employee Communication
V­ED Educational / Instructional / How­To
V­FG Fitness / Personal Growth
V­HM Health / Medicine/Science
V­HB History / Biographical
V­IT Industrial / Technical / Business
V­MV Music Video
V­EN Nature / Environment / Wildlife
V­NP Nonprofit / Fundraising
V­RS Religion /Ethics
V­SD Sales/Branding / Product Demonstration
V­SL Special Purpose Productions / Live Events
V­TI Training / Industrial Productions
V­TT Tourism /Travel
V­WD Weddings
V­RM Video Remixes / Mash-ups
V­MS Miscellaneous Video


Creative Categories

The specific topic will be judged.
You may enter multiple categories.

C­LM Leading Actor (Specify Role)
C­LF Leading Actress (Specify Role)
C­SM Supporting Actor (Specify Role)
C­SF Supporting Actress (Specify Role)
C­AD Art Direction
C­CS Casting
C­CH Choreography
C­CI Cinematography
C­CN Concept
C­CD Costume Design
C­CO Creativity / Originality
C­DI Dramatic Impact
C­DR Direction
C­ED Editing
C­HH Humor/Humorist
C­LT Lighting
C­MU Makeup
C­OT On Camera Talent (Specify Role)
C­SC Original Score (Specify Title)
C­SG Original Song (Specify Title)
C­PP Post Production Overall
C­RE Research
C­SW Script/Writer
C­SD Set Design
C­SO Sound: Overall Impact
C­SE Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
C­SA Special Effects: Animation
C­SS Special Effects: Non­Animation/Stunts
C­TC Title / Credit Design
C­VI Videography
C­VC Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
C­VE Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
C­VM Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
C­VO Voice Over Talent (Specify Role)

New Media Platforms

N­CF Mobile / Cell Phone Media
N­PW Podcasts / Webcasts / Webinars
N­SI Special Purpose Internet Productions
N­YT Tube Length Videos (5 minutes or less)
N­VB Video Blogging
N­WB Webisode
N­VG Video Games
N­FI Use of Film/Video to Foster Interactivity
N­F Use of Film/Video to Enhance Website
N­VS Use of Film/Video for Social Change
N­VN Use of Film/Video in Social Networking
N­MS Miscellaneous New Media


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